Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Angel Of Paradise

Do you recognize this? Sometimes you hear a song and it stays in your head. All you remember is just a few lines of the chorus, but you want to know all the words. That's what I had with Kieran Halpin's "Angle Of Paradise" last weekend. As a real Googler I tried to find it on the internet but: no true results. Luckily I found a YouTube-link in my favourites, so then I knew the singer and the title. However, although Keiran sings clearly, I couldn't figure out all the words. So I thought: "why not ask Kieran himself?" So I went to and explained my serious problem.

Well, Kieran really made my day! Within an hour he sent me the song text of his beautifull "Angle Of Paradise". So now I can share it with all of you on

Thanks Kieran!