Sunday, April 15, 2012

A new band is born: Cripple Oak

Yesterday, exactly 100 years after the tragic sinking of the Titanic, we started a new band for the special occasion of the festival "Onderuit" in the Green Heart of Holland. While I was preparing for the festival, it got into my head to try and make 1+1=3 and when I asked John Cripplewood, he said "that looks big fun to me!". So a new band was born.

We will focus on the festival which is planned for the 25th till the 27th of May. There will be a play spread out over a couple of farm locations and in between that, various groups of artist will entertain the visitors, who will be wandering around the area in groups.

The preparation time is short, but John and I played a lot of songs together during the years that I also was a member of the famous Doggy Dike, as you can see on this photo.

Actually the 1+1 idea matured during the gig I had last thursday with some of my old Doggy Dike friends in the cosy little pub in the most beautifull place of Leiden called "Estaminet Schommelen". Though we didn't do one of my own songs, I wouldn't have missed that lovely night, singing and playing.