Monday, December 22, 2008

Music and agression - Gary Og's Irish Soldier Laddy

By far, most people are kind and friendly, I am conviced a 100%. However sometimes you end up in a place, where people are only friendly when you share their anger. Have a look a the embarassing discussing below this video of Gary Og:

Please give my reactions a "thumb up", if you're a normal person too.

The funny thing with YouTube is, that people with the same taste tend to find each other. Now, what you see here is that I, as an average person giving my moderate opinion to Gary's music and the aggressive fan-talk, only get thumbs down! Why? Because, IF normal people pass by this discussion, they all click away as soon as possible. Please don't do that this time, but support me with a thumb up!

Thanks and Power to the Normals!

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