Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sorry for not blogging for almost a whole year

Oops, not blogging for almost I year. Was I busy again? Yes, but I never stopped making music. I left some irregular notes on Facebook and published some new songs there and in Myspace this year. In February of this year, I wrote a song called "Stones On Steel" questioning how it feels to be a well trained soldier having to fight against his own people. The song was inspired after watching the Arab Spring protests this year in Cairo and thinking back to the unsuccessfull student protests in China starting on the Tiananmen Square in 1989. Un fortunately the topic is now hot again because of Syria.

Protests in Syria 2011

Today I published another new song called "Mary Connely" about a lovely girl that I dream to merry with. The subtitle could be "Dream On".

Mary Connely

Last month, I made some birthday songs in dutch. One for my best friend and a "dozen song" for my twelve year old daughter.

In September I wrote "Living Backwards" about the funny idea to start your life by rising from the dead and ending in an orgasm and I made a rendition of the sad song "The Blantyre Explosion". I also made a new love song called "The Macnas Parade", using the words of the existing The Saw Doctors song, but very different.

That's about it for this year. Hope you like my creative work. The year isn't over yet, so maybe there's more to come. We'll see.

Wishing you a good Sinterklaas, a Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year!

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